Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a panel change or upgrade?
If there are not enough spaces or you have fuses, you need to have it checked.

What if the bathroom or outdoor receptacles don’t work?
There is probably a tripped GFCI receptacle or breaker. Reset it and if it still doesn’t work, call us.

Why do I have a circuit breaker tripping all the time?
The circuit could be overloaded, or have a faulty appliance connected to it.

Why do I only have power in some parts of my house?
The power company may be working on the lines, or having a problem with a circuit, so call them first before paying us to come out.

My light is out, what do I do?
Check the light bulb and the circuit breaker. If both are good and it's still not working, call us.

What if my smoke detectors beep and there is no fire or smoke?
The batteries should be changed once a year.

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